Full Interiors

The entire visible interior of the building, including all elements of schematic design and furniture concept, as well as architectural ideas and design ideas for all spaces, 3D renders, site visits and continuous relations with the architect of record/executive architect responsible for work direction, and with the client.  Support with bids and permissions.  Detailed CAD drawings and explanatory drawings for construction work.

PLAY+projects includes a team of architects, designers, atelieristas and pedagogical consultants, with unparalleled experience and expertise in the design of children’s spaces, first with and for the world-renowned schools at Reggio Emilia in Italy, and subsequently with education and public space projects worldwide.

In particular, these projects intend to create welcoming, beautiful and harmonious spaces, with an underlying material and immaterial complexity: flexible spaces for many activities and children’s ‘One Hundred Languages’

Examples: design ZPZ Partners for PLAY+projects