PLAY+SOFT products are covered in ECOSOFTX®, an environmentally friendly synthetic fabric that complies with the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 (for products in direct contact with the skin). The materials contain no PVC and no rubber latex – a synthetic proprietary formula, developed exclusively for the PLAY+range. The fabric is made using a non-polluting production process and does not release harmful substances during its use.


PLAY+SOFT has a collection of furnishings made from sofficel®, a fireproof, polyurethane foamed material, in various densities, and covered in ECOSOFTX®, a synthetic fabric with innovative properties: it is soft to the touch, water-repellent, easy to clean with mild liquid detergent and water, mould-resistant, odourless, resistant to abrasion, colour-stable over time, and ecological. Covers are removable and class 1 im fire-retardant and crib 5 fireproof according to standards to BS 5852:1990, section 4 and UNI 9175, testing at LSF (02/05/05); European standard EN 1021-1 and EN 1021-2 (CSI – 11.10.07 – DC01/782F07).  Sofficel foam density 28kg/m3 to 50kg/m3  class 1 im, BS 5852: part 2, crib 5, Californa Tech 117, MVSS std 302, FAR25853, Airbus ATD 1000.01

Current certification also including permeability (blood and urine test), durability (Martindale abrasion rating +200 000).


PLAY+SOFT is made of soft, pliable, and deformable material, and thus able to protect children from accidental impacts and falls. The introduction of soft elements in place of traditional hard furniture raises the level of safety in the children’s environment as well as the material and sensorial complexity of each space.



The line uses a wide range of materials: FSC certified hardwood (birch, beech, ash), natural, water-painted or lacquered; steel; MDF; high pressure laminates with different finishes; ABS safety edging; rubber; linoleum; reinforced and layered (Class 1B1) safety glass. Components in wood have class E1 formaldehyde content. All paints and colouring agents are non-toxic.


Chairs, tables and storage units are manufactured to conform with the highest European (and British) standards  for ergonomics and structural stability as specified by BS 1729-1:2004; BS 1729-2:2004; and BS 1727:1998. Play structures, such as the mirror triangle, have certificate BS 1176 and products carry CE Mark when applicable. Testing and certification by T.U.V.

Manufacturing at ISAFF srl carries ISO 9001:2000 and environmental certification ISO 14001:2004